The Circuit Vision (intent)

To be the living presence of Christ

Together, we intend to do this as we make more followers of Christ and deepen our discipleship through loving God and loving all people.

To fulfil this, we will therefore endeavour to encourage these five practices:

Radical Hospitality

Passionate worship

Intentional Faith Development

Risk taking Mission and service

Extravagant Generosity Worship

With this in mind our objectives for the conventional years 2016-2018 are as follows:
Radical Hospitality
· All churches to obtain the Child Friendly Church Award by 2018
· All churches to become Dementia Friendly Churches by 2018
· Establish & strengthen links with all community groups using our premises
Passionate Worship
· The Circuit to adopt 'Singing the Faith' as its recommended hymn book.
· To strive for excellence in all worship
· To review and encourage the use of Worship Leaders across the Circuit
Intentional Faith Development
· Supply a Circuit ' Bible Reading Plan' and encourage engagement with it.
· Seek to make 20 New members within the Circuit each year.
Risk taking Mission and Service
· To fulfil our commitment to employ a Church based Missioner in Fleetwood
· To release people to serve the wider community according to their gifts and callings.
· To find a way to celebrate those who are already active in this way.
Extravagant Generosity
· Encourage all to move towards tithing as part of their giving.
· Encourage the churches to increase their support of projects at home and abroad.
· Encourage the circuit to review the way in which it deploys its resources.