Welcome to our website. The North Fylde Circuit has six churches, and I am responsible for the pastoral care of the Methodist churches in Poulton and Cleveleys Park. I also lead the team of Deacon Angela and presbyters Sarah and Katie and lay worker Jess. A brief word of background. I grew up attending a multicultural church in North London but have spent most of my ministry in the Midlands and North-West. I am married to Pat and have two grown-up children Debbie and Mark with a grandchild in Watford. I love anything to do with walking, running and flying! My dream is of a church that is welcoming to all and a place where you don’t have to be perfect to belong. My favourite book title is ‘Basil in Blunderland’ written by Cardinal Basil Hume. It sums up how we try hard to be good, make many mistakes but are always supported by the God of new beginnings who meets us where we are every day.

I hope our paths will cross very soon

Best wishes



The North Fylde Methodist Circuit covers a relatively compact geographical area from the North of the Fylde to the rural villages to the North East of the River Wyre. 

Our aim as a Circuit is to be, live and share the living presence of Christ through the learning of and celebrating God’s love, growing together as Christians, responding to need through our care and support, and sharing his love with others so as to bring others to know that love.

The North Fylde Methodist Circuit is part of the Lancashire District of the Methodist Church.



The Lancashire Methodist District of the Methodist Church shares in the calling of the Methodist Church to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Jesus Christ and to live out our discipleship in worship and mission.

The District is committed to discipleship within the district churches. We aim to support and challenge members of all ages in each circuit with a range of discipleship encounters which can build a real spirituality for daily living. Our approach will place a strong emphasis on personal and social holiness.

The Circuit

It is a recognised fact that a church is not just a building. However we do have buildings, but we want to fill these buildings with people of all ages who are the living church. It is that special combination that makes our churches what, and who, they are. This website describes the churches which make up the North Fylde Circuit of the Methodist Church.

It shows where they are, what they do and, very importantly, what their vision is for the future.

Some of the churches are small, others rather larger. Some have a wide range of activities appealing to lots of ages, others concentrate on fewer things yet seek to do them well. What really matters is that together, the churches of The North Fylde Circuit want to discover why God has placed them where they are and each wants to find the very best way of doing what He wants. This is because they really are the Body of Christ and truly want to love Jesus and share what that means with those around them.